From DevOps to Agility in a Multi-Speed IT Organization

Sixth Floor - North May 2, 2016 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Sanjeev Sharma

The major cause of inability to achieve Agility at scale is the persistent struggle in all large organizations between the desire to innovate, and the need for stability. This push-and-pull exists in all organizations—even an innovative startup feels it. The Dev teams are focused on creating innovation thru rapid change and experimentation, and the Ops teams are focused on creating stability and continuity – think ITSM and ITIL. DevOps addresses this struggle by adopting a series of practices that drive cultural change, automation and process adoption that allow these Dev and Ops teams to work toward common goals and balance their needs. Even in large organizations, this works great on small, strategic projects that have well-defined goals and timelines and can “fly below the radar” of corporate governance enforcers. As we move to larger projects with large, potentially distributed teams, spread across different groups and corporate “fiefdoms,” adoption struggles and often fails.

This session will interactively develop a model of DevOps for large, distributed, ‘Multi-Speed IT’ (also called 2-speed or bi-modal) organizations, and show DevOps can be leveraged to achieve ‘Optimization’ of legacy systems, while developing the agility needed to drive ‘Innovation’.