We’ve formatted Beyond20 SIXTEEN with you in mind. Choose your sessions for day one, choose your interactive simulation or mix of sessions for day two, then maybe take a nap because you’ve done enough for today.

Interactive Zones

When thoughtfully done, the use of technology in a presentation can bring ideas to life and enhance a great message. Sometimes, though, it can take away from a strong message, lulling the speaker and audience to a deep sleep. To depart from this, we’re including activities, discussions, and games throughout the day, as well as sessions that employ interactive exercises to drive learning and hands-on concept practice. These sessions will be riveting TED-Talk-esque conversations designed to keep you engaged. You get enough boring PowerPoint presentations at other conferences, right?

DevOps, ITSM, and The Kitchen Sink

No matter what you want to learn, this conference will scratch your itch. We’ve carefully organized our session tracks to focus on DevOps, IT Service Management, and the “kitchen sink” – for those items somewhat in between (topics on Agile, Scrum, SAFe, CMMI, what-have-you). In addition to the more technical topics, we’ve lined up a number of great speakers presenting on soft skills – because making any of these concepts stick within your organization comes down to strong teamwork and leadership. Last, we’ll have a number of experts on hand throughout the day to provide free 30-minute coaching. Whatever you or your organization is struggling with, we’re here for you.