Q: What is Beyond20 SEVENTEEN?
A. It’s an exclusive, limited-capacity summit exploring the What, Why, and How of incorporating Cyber Security into your organization’s Service Management processes.

Q: What isn’t Beyond20 SEVENTEEN?
A. It’s not a week-in-a-cavernous-event-hall-with-3,000-of-your-closest-acquaintances event.

Q: Is it the right conference for me?
A: If you’re a leader (or aspiring leader) in your organization and want to learn how to improve service, manage change, control costs, and work better, you’ll find this conference to be a day well spent.

Q: I’m a PMP. Will I get PDUs for attending?
A. Yep! Your host, Beyond20, is a PMI Registered Education Provider, so you’ll get a full 8 PDUs for attending.

Q: I’m not a PMP. What just happened up there?
A: It’s a whole thing. We’ll explain later.

Q: I need to get this thing through Finance. Any advice on that?
A: We’ve broken it down into a concise Attendance Request Letter designed to help cut through that red tape.

Q: You haven’t answered at least three of my questions. How can I follow-up?
A: Drop us a line – we’ll get back to you ASAP with all the (relevant) help you need.