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Get out of the office for an uninterrupted day of energizing ITSM & Cyber Security content. Come back refreshed and brimming with the latest information in the field and ideas for how to implement them in your organization. A training budget is a terrible thing to waste. Here are just a few of the many reasons your organization will be excited to use part of that budget on Beyond20 SEVENTEEN:

1. It’s a sound investment. Not only does the value you’ll bring to your company as a result of your experience at Beyond20 SEVENTEEN far outweigh the ticket price, but – because we’ve developed such a lean format – you’ll only be out of the office for one day, allowing you to jump back into the fray without missing a beat.

2. Outside collaboration spurs creativity. You’ll meet industry leaders and peers who experience many of the same challenges you see on a daily basis. Learn how they’ve navigated hurdles at their organizations, and be inspired to think differently about your own strategies.

3. Stay relevant. We’ve worked hard to ensure our speakers and collaborators are at the forefront of their respective fields, guiding discourse, ideas, and direction. Let your organization benefit from our hard work. In two days, you’ll get a thorough, nuanced look at what’s working in the industry – and what’s not – and play a key role in ensuring your organization is making well-informed moves.

4. It’s practical, too. Yes, you’ll get ideas, but you’ll also get the tools to help implement them. We’ll send you off with templates, worksheets, and guides to ensure what you learn will be immediately actionable.

5. Network, network, network. Washington, DC is a diverse city filled with bright, ambitious minds. Getting to know who’s who in the industry is, of course, good for you, but your organization will benefit from those relationships as well. Work in the Service Management industry and need help with a Cyber Security project? You’ll know just who to call. And who might those people be, you ask. The right people. Here’s a breakdown of who will be in the room with you:



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